LA TUA OPINIONE È FONDAMENTALE! Safety for your child is paramount for mums and dads, both inside and outside the home. We at TIPPY know this and we are working to offer you new solutions to protect your baby explorer! To do this, we started from the opinions of mums


THE TIPPY APP IS NOW ON HUAWEI APP GALLERY! If you have a Huawei smartphone, the news won’t sound new. The Chinese brand, beloved and popular, no longer relies on Google Play to download apps, but has created one on its own AppGallery. An exclusive digital platform where users can

TIPPY Moms needed

TIPPY LAUNCHES OPERATION “MOMS NEEDED”! Are you a social mom, have many friends and want to try Tippy Pad and Tippy Fi for free to share your experience with them? It’s your time!We’ve just launched on our Instagram page the “Moms Needed” operation. Objective: transform 10 “real” moms into testimonials