How cars warm up under the sun?

With the arrival of summer and rising temperatures the heat inside the car increases exponentially, giving origin in some cases to the so-called “heat stroke”. 

Through this infographic  Tippy’s team want to show you how the temperature inside the car changes from minute to minute compared to the outside one.

The implications for those who reside inside the car are neither positive nor pleasant. When the body temperature reaches 41 degrees the adult is no longer able to control it, the cells begin to damage themselves and in the long run, the internal organs of the body stop working, leading to death.

Children’s bodies are not as efficient as adults in regulating body temperature, a child’s body temperature increases at a rate 3-5 times faster than an adult one.

For these reasons some measures may be useful, to counteract the rising temperature: park in the shadow, use sun shields and air the car before departure; in any case when it is hot it is not recommended to stay in the car for more than 10 minutes at closed doors, without air conditioning especially if there are children and/or elderly.

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